CanaPass Patient Management System

The CanaPass Patient Management System is a proprietary software company wholly owned by Alternate Health that provides
highly secure, regulatory compliant transaction engine for the safe and controlled distribution of medical cannabis, and/or any other controlled substance.

CanaPass Patient Management System

The CanaPass system manages the end-to-end transactions involved with providing safe access to medical Cannabis. As a software provider, CanaPass earns its revenues from fees charged on a transactional basis (i.e. both patient registration and medical cannabis purchases).

The CanaPass platform employs a unique patient identification code to access an SQL database designed to securely store personal data, account balances, transactional volume, research data and patient management tools. The database is accessible by patients, certified physicians and Licensed Cannabis Producers only, and is used to monitor the individual patient and provide enhanced treatment recommendations through a patient feedback loop that compares the doctor’s recommended and prescribed treatment with actual results in order to optimize and improve future patient care.

The CanaPass platform is a Doctor-Patient-Licensed Cannabis Provider interface that provides PIPEDA (HIPAA in the US) compliant, safe, secure and accurate third party medical and financial reporting mechanisms for all groups concerned in the medical care environment. The system will also track financial transactions and create tax and other key reports to all required levels of government.

The CanaPass system reflects and connects the various aspects of a successful medical practice. that function together to effectively deliver quality healthcare. The management software platform offers interdepartmental collaboration between physicians, and features secure record, appointment and prescription access for patients. Through CanaPass, patients can safely and securely order medical cannabis online and give feedback to help doctors adjust prescriptions for improved care. The system also tracks financial transactions and creates tax and other key reports to all required levels of government.

How CanaPass Works

By adapting an actual medical process to examine all patients, the CanaPass system is a legal and effective method to provide safe and secure access to medical cannabis for qualified patients, and will provide third-party monitoring and reporting for all parties involved, including government regulators.

  • The CanaPass Program starts with the patient visiting a licensed clinic or doctor, who reviews the patient’s medical history and performs a thorough examination to determine the appropriate treatment.
  • If the patient qualifies for medical cannabis, a photo is taken and a temporary CanaPass I.D. issued with a unique patient identifier, medicine prescribed, quantity limits, and renewal date.
  • The patient then leaves and logs onto a secure website with his or her unique I.D. number to complete the CanaPass application forms and deposit funds into his or her CanaPass account from their own bank account or credit card. The patient is now ready to purchase medicine online at an authorized designated Licensed Producer’s website.
  • Each time a patient goes online to purchase more medical cannabis, they will be asked for feedback to allow doctors to monitor their results and provided data for research.
  • Upon re-examination, the patient’s results are compared with industry averages, giving the doctor the knowledge and ability to adjust the prescription for improved patient care.
  • Most other registration programs for medical cannabis are not interoperable with the doctor’s records. The CanaPass program is designed to allow patients and doctors full access to medical records that are crucial for the care of the patient.

CanaPass is Composed of 3 Modules:

The CanaPass itself is a credit card sized identification card and is integral to the CanaPass Patient Management System, allowing the patient online access to all the data available within the system. Once activated, the card is then used by the patient to select, purchase and take delivery of all medical cannabis requirements as specified in their prescription.

Doctor Portal

In standard practice, the doctor assesses the patient, provides a recommendation and, if necessary, writes a prescription. In the CanaPass system the doctor registers a patient, a diagnosis is documented using built-in International Classification of Disease (ICD) codes (used in billing by insurance companies) and, if required, a prescription is recorded. The information is sent automatically and stored permanently in CanaPass’s secure cloud based storage. With minimal training, the CanaPass system will allow a doctor to engage in ongoing monitoring and management of patient usage as well as adjust recommendations based on the patient-reported experience and emerging scientific information. The system also provides clinical support to a doctor by offering online access to other MC experts. The CanaPass provides a comprehensive medical record, fully PIPEDA compliant, that can seamlessly integrate with, and pull information from, existing Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems for reduced burden of data entry and reduced risk of error.

Patient Portal

The patient initially completes an online profile containing standard information and, once registered, diagnosed, and provided with a prescription, the patient can access the dispensary website to fill the prescription. CanaPass provides an easy-to-use payment engine that enables credit card purchases from dispensary websites for a safe, secure transaction and delivery. CanaPass can be used for online refills as well, but unlike ordinary refills, the patient is required to complete standard health questions that are recorded and used by the doctor to monitor and manage usage. This feedback and monitoring is a critical quality assurance mechanism. Also, unlike traditional health systems, CanaPass allows the patient to review their own personal health information.

Dispensary Portal

The dispensary portal offers a customizable web based sales platform that allows producers to monitor product availability and sales. This website also allows dispensaries to inform patients, doctors, and regulators about their products (e.g., strains, quantities, and pricing). CanaPass provides the dispensary with an inventory, shipping and handling management system with automated reporting of financial and physical requirements for quality control purposes. The system directly interfaces with a PIPEDA compliant patient management screen to facilitate patient ordering and online customer support for VISA, MasterCard, Amex, ATM Debit and Cash transactions. Finally, the registration and tracking process within the CanaPass system protects the dispensary from third-party fraud.

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