What We do

Alternate Health is a healthcare holdings company with diversified investments in all aspects of patient care. Our subsidiary companies service patients, business, commercial and governmental agencies with technology and or health services and products.

What We do

Alternate Health industry experts have built and maintain a comprehensive, integrated, inter-operable platform to attract and satisfy the needs of our highly targeted audience. We develop software applications and processing systems for the medical industry using proprietary technology platforms (VIP-Patient & CanaPass systems) to assist doctors in their practice management and patients with their need for quality medical care.

CanaPass Inc

Providing turnkey compliance management software to doctors and Licensed Providers of medical cannabis and other controlled substances.

VIP-Patient LLC

A turnkey practice management software system including an EHR/ EMR (Electronic Health Record or Electronic Medical Record) for medical professionals.

Alternate Health Clinics LLC

A unique approach to primary health care services with data driven efficiencies that service the small business community in local markets.

Alternate Rx LLC

Researching and creating natural healing products that benefit the body, mind and spirit. Our focus is on CBD and" Cannabidiol" but will grow into so many healing products.

Alternate Medical Media LLC

Providing comprehensive online Continuing Medical Educational (CME) programs and media material to service Doctors and healthcare workers.

Alternate Health Labs LLC

Providing quality blood and toxicology lab testing services to service the excess capacity of large health networks.

The Alternate Health network will continue to pioneer the advancement of services for the healthcare industry, using our industry leading market & product research for network expansions, strategic investments & focused acquisitions.